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Wallys Natural Products Flea Control Yard Spray - All-natural - Concentrated - 12 Oz

$ 15.11
Keep the fleas out of your yard with Wally's Flea Control Yard Spray Concentrate refills! Continue to keep your yard and kennel free of fleas with Wally's All-Natural Flea Control Yard Spray. Specially designed to refill the Wally's Flea Control Yard Spray Applicator, this formula kills fleas in lawns and kennels where your cat or dog plays most. This all-natural formula is clinically proven to kill fleas by contact. Leaping Bunny approved and certified to meet NSF/ ANSI 305 standards means that this powerful all-natural pest control is safe for lawns, gardens, and your family too. Easy to use, this convenient refill allows you to continue to use your applicator and keep your home flea free without being limited by your hose. Simply fill, pump and spray. Avoid more flea bites with Wallys All-Natural Flea Control Yard Spray Concentrate and don't invite fleas into your home again. Used for: Fleas on dogs Fleas on cats
Country of origin : USA
Size : 12 FZ
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each