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Ring Stop Ear Drops .5 OZ

$ 21.56
12/case directions: first thing in the morning & before going to bed, squeeze 3-4 drops in each ear. Wait 30-60 seconds after applying drops in one ear before doing the other. After each application gently massage the area in front of the ear canal opening. This will insure optimal penetration. Active ingredients: calcarea carbonica 8x,30x; carbo vegetabilis 8x,12x,30x; chininum sulphuricum 12x,30x; cimicifuga racemosa 3x,6x,12x,30x; cinchona officinalis 3x,6x, 30x; coffea cruda 3x,12x; graphites 8x,12x,30x; kali carbonicum 12x,30x; lycopodium 6x,12x,30x; natrum salicylicum 6x; salicylicum acidum 6x. Other ingredients: glycerin, ethyl alcohol, purified water. 03/08/17