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Our Story

Caring for the Planet!

We know that people can make a positive change in the world through the shopping choices they make. That’s why we created the evox Marketplace. Our products support local economies, use eco-friendly and healthy materials and ingredients, and benefit charities around the world. We partner with trusted vendors aligned with your values and our sustainable business practices so we can stand behind the products we sell. Shop evox and feel good about your choice.

But it’s more than just another online store: it’s a shopping experience that connects people with the companies that market to them, and gives shoppers a real voice. Product categories include food, personal care, baby, wellness, healthy pets, home & garden, and recreation & fitness, plus much more. 

evox Television & Marketplace improves the quality of life for you, your family, your community, and your world, through content, community, and commerce.

evox is fulfilling this mission by:  

  • Engaging and uniting people around shared interests and forging opportunities for collaboration.
  • Delivering content that entertains, informs, and inspires action.
  • Creating conversations for growth and motivation for positive change, personally and in community.
  • Supporting and accelerating the shift of consumer attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Directing consumers toward socially conscious, sustainable choices.
  • Creating new discoveries and perspectives for individuals and communities to live healthier lives.

The evox brand values relate to how the whole company and its ecosystem interact. 

  • Active Engagement - contributing and connecting to other people and collective groups.
  • Sustainability – purchasing with confidence of good, sustainable production practices.
  • Global Consciousness – being responsible for our impact on the environment and social landscape.
  • Health & Well Being  - thriving with mental, physical, emotional wellness.
  • Inspirational & Aspirational – information that stimulates change and action.
  • Fun – engaging entertainment that illuminates and educates.

evox is relevant, fun, cutting edge, thoughtful, and approachable. Our content is creative, consumer-driven, and mainstream in appeal, focusing on how to live a better life, grow as an individual, and contribute to a better world. We present a balanced view of issues, offering myriad opinions, stories, activities, and ideas in an innovative manner. It is fresh, relevant, user-friendly, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, valuable, fun, and refuses to moralize. While evox will passionately take on serious issues, we will never take ourselves too seriously.